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HRG Distribution (HRG) is the most trusted name in the industry for wholesale grow equipment and wholesale hydroponics supplies. We distribute top-quality hydroponic supplies for brick-and-mortar shops to sell in-store. Our experienced team can help source innovative, quality indoor growing and greenhouse growing equipment and supplies to sell at your retail hydroponics store. 

We represent industry-leading hydroponics brands with a wide range of indoor grow room supplies, from hydro equipment like grow pot and grow light product lines to hydroponics supplies, including nutrient solutions, pH monitors, and more. In addition to our wide selection of hydro supplies, we also offer competitive pricing and knowledgeable customer service. 

Whatever wholesale indoor grow equipment you need, HRG has it.  

HRG Hydroponic Equipment Supplier

Simply the best Wholesale hydroponics Supplies

At HRG, we strive to be your go-to hydroponics wholesale distributors. We only represent quality hydroponics equipment and supply manufacturers that exhibit a dedication to producing quality growers supply products and display a reputation of integrity and ethics.

The wholesale grow equipment product lines we represent are the leaders in their respective industries. Our brands are experienced in all facets of hydroponic system growing, from personal gardening to commercial grower applications and work to enhance the indoor growing supplies industry they serve.

From nutrients to water treatment solutions, LED grow lights, air stone media, or any other type of hydroponic growing system equipment, we have hydroponics brands your customers will keep coming back for. 

Looking for our grow supplies or hydroponic growing equipment? We’ve partnered with more than 900 hydroponic supply retail stores nationwide to bring you the best hydroponics supplies on the market. Use our store locator to find the growers supply products you need at a retailer near you. 

HRG Growers Supply & Equipment

Why Choose HRG?

When it comes to choosing a hydroponics wholesale distributor for your grow supply shop, HRG is the obvious choice! We offer a wide range of featured brands to help you get the most out of your hydroponics system. With our wide selection of top-quality products, unmatched customer service, and dedication to education, we can help you take your operation to the next level.

As a top hydroponic equipment supplier, were offer the best in grow lights, water pumps, soilless soils, grow tents, hydroponic farming equipment, and various other hydroponics supply products. We also provide helpful how-to guides and tips so that you can learn more about hydroponic gardening and find the right products for your needs.

Superior Customer Service

Our hydroponics supplier staff is friendly and always happy to answer questions. In addition, they make themselves available for all store and commercial facility training requirements.

Experienced & Reputable

The HRG team has over 122 years of combined sales experience, and we’ve built relationships with more than 900 industry professionals across the country.

Market Expansion

Our objective is to provide maximum exposure for our hydroponics supplies product lines and growers supply manufacturers. We’re constantly developing new ways to further penetrate the hydroponics equipment supplier market and expand our growers nursery supply products. From hydroponic farming equipment to plant grow bags, we have everything you need for a complete system.

Ethics & Education

Nothing is more important to us than operating our hydroponics equipment and supply business ethically. That’s why we dedicate much of our time and resources to educational opportunities and trainings. Our experts are knowledgeable in everything from specific grow systems like a deep water culture system and can offer tips on water aeration and plant nutrients.

What do our customers say?

As top-rated hydroponics equipment suppliers, we are committed to excellence in customer service and it shows in our customer reviews.

“HRG products I know I can trust. Plain and simple. I’ve tried EVERYTHING, and HRG products’ are always the best value and speak for themselves in results, yield, and quality!”

-Amanda L.

“I will drive out of my way to go to a Hydro store that carries the HRG line of goods. I never have to worry about things working like they should, or having to make a return. The customer service, and lighting setups they offer are out of this world.”

-Jared N.

“I started using the HRG line of products when I stumbled across MaxMicrobe. I have never had better results! 

-Nelson T.