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Vidawool HC Slab 3" x 6" x 36"

Vidawool HC Slab 3" x 6" x 36"

SKU: 27943

VidaWool slabs feature pre-cut areas for precise, efficient block placement « no cutting or guesswork required « and the process is repeatable for consistent results. Like all the components in the VidaWool system, VidaWool slabs use Hydro-Xtend water dispersion technology to ensure even distribution of water and nutrients during the final stages of growth.

HC Slabs provide sturdy support for the remainder of the production cycle, giving your plants ample room to flourish. Plant spacing and placement are critical at this stage, when crowding can result in less-than-optimal crop development. VidaWool slabs make it simple to quickly and accurately transplant blocks and keep plants developing all the way to harvest while minimizing the time and effort spent setting up the room.


VidaWool slabs are ideal for cultivation enterprises looking for reliable, repeatable, and efficient growing media solutions that help them produce consistent results throughout the growing process. VidaWool starter plugs, blocks, and slabs are designed to work as a system, for a more confident transplantation process that reduces error and protects plants to optimize their growth and your productivity.

Hydro-Xtend water dispersion technology
Even water dispersion and nutrient availability
Predictable water retention

UV-protection lined blocks
Reduces exposure to light that can stress and inhibit root growth

Keeps root zone dark to guard against algae and bacterial growth

Did You Know?

VidaWool plugs are made from a minimum 70% recycled content and are designed to efficiently hold and use water, complementing sustainable growing operations.

Features Benefits

Compressive strength: > 150 lbs/ft2
VidalWool HC Slabs offers high compression support, to take on more loads from larger plants, bigger root systems, and more water.

Water holding capacity: 8090%
Holds moisture and keeps it evenly distributed with Hydro-Xtend water dispersion technology.

Recovery capacity: > 98%
Resiliency of the VidaWool HC Slabs enables them to bounce back to their original size after being compressed and handled during the setup process.

Additional Features

Hydro-Xtend water dispersion technology optimizes steerability of water content: Water doesnt just sit in the bottom of the block.

Facilitates root development through the entire block.

Designed to work with three-stage VidaWool system to maximize efficient transplant of plugs into blocks, and blocks into slabs.

Does not have to be stored in a climate-controlled environment.

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