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Blueprint BAC-2 Environmental Controller w/ Fuzzy Logic

Blueprint BAC-2 Environmental Controller w/ Fuzzy Logic

SKU: 10013

Control four 120V devices. Separate day night settings. Max/min. Battery backup. Remote sensor w/ 15 cable. Fuzzy Logic. 3 year warranty.

The Blueprint Controllers line offers precise control over environmental condition in your greenhouse or indoor garden.

Achieve bigger, healthier yields by automating lights, temperature, humidity, and CO2 levels using HID hubs and digital or analog atmosphere controllers.

Simplify CO2 supplementation with CO2 generators, regulators, and controllers. Operate devices on a repeating schedule with mechanical and digital timers.

Blueprint Controllers feature accurate sensors, LED display screens, straightforward push-button controls, and battery backup, making it easy to monitor and regulate the grow room environment.

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