Odor Control & Filters

Odors and odd scents are part of having a grow room. Plants, like cannabis, produce a unique smell that is intended to attract pollinators and detract predators. This smell is produced by terpenes, which are compounds that are responsible for a plant's fruit and flower color, as well as it's smell and taste. Most growers are used to the unique scents that their plants produce. However, poor ventilation and other issues can make this odor become overwhelming. One of the best ways to control odor in your grow room is to use carbon filters and odor controllers in your grow room to help eliminate the smell. GrowGeneration® has a wide variety of different odor control options for your growing environment.

Why Worry About Odor Control In Your Grow Room?

There are several different reasons to worry about odor control in your growing environment. Security can be a concern for some types of growing operations. The lack of odors emanating from your growing operation will eliminate the curiosity of trespassers. Odors can also be an issue if your growing operation is located in a residential area. The presence of odor can also indicate a ventilation problem in your grow room. Odor control is an environmental concern for your grow room and needs to be considered as part of your ventilation and air intake.

How Does Odor Control Work In a Grow Room?

There are two solutions that GrowGeneration offers to help you control odor in your grow room. You can either use a carbon filter that is attached to your fan, or an air sanitation system like the AiroClean 420. The AiroClean 420 will help not only control the odors in your growing area, but will also help remove microbes from the environment. A catalyst in the AiroClean 420 will neutralize any contaminants in the air, including odors.

Another solution for taking care of odor in your grow room is a carbon filter. Active carbon filters work best when a fan pulls the air through them. Through the principle of absorption, and neutralization, carbon filters work by accumulating various particles in your grow room.

Odor control, by and far, is one of the ways that you will keep your plants healthy and your growing environment pleasant for people who come and go.

Which is Better? An Air Sanitation System or Carbon Filters?

Both the AiroClean 420 and carbon filters will do the job. However, for larger growers, the AiroClean 420 may be more economical. By and far, most growers use activated carbon filters to get rid of spores, smells, and other compounds that fill a grow room. Large growing operations need a lot of carbon. These filters become large and bulky for bigger spaces. While carbon filters do a great job of removing smells from a growing operation, a product like the AIroClean 420 will also get rid of pollen, microbes, and mold spores that you may not want in your growing environment. Some prefer to filter the air coming into the room and air going out of the room to have maximum air sanitation.

Gels are also another attractive solution for controlling your grow room. For the smaller growing environment, the ONA Breeze and gels are a great fit. The ONA Breeze sits on top of the gel jar or pail to provide a slow release of odor control. Through adsorption and absorption, a gel will break down a pollutant into its most basic properties to get rid of the odor.

How Often Do You Need To Change Out Your Odor Control System

On average, the time you need to change out your carbon filters will depend on the demand of your growing situation. Smaller growing operations can sometimes go a few years without having to change their filters. Larger growing operations may have to change out their carbon filters once every twelve months.

If you use the AiroClean420 air sanitation system, it has filters that need to be changed out regularly. Some of the filters need to be changed every four months.

Controlling Powdery Mildew In Your Growing Environment

This can be a pain for most growers. In addition to cannabis, virtually every type of plant is susceptible to it, ranging from squash to ho ps. It's spread from several different fungal spores. It's highly transmissible and moves through the air, so it is very hard to control. Plants that thrive in regular temperatures and high humidity are highly susceptible. In a grow room, powdery mildew can become a severe problem because of the close placement of plants. As the disease spreads, plants experience a slowdown in their photosynthetic abilities. Growers will experience a weak harvest. For powdery mildew, the AiroClean 420 is a great option for growers because it will help reduce the spread of fungal spores before they become a problem.

What Brands of Odor Control Devices Can I Buy At GrowGeneration?

GrowGeneration carries some of the leading brands of carbon filters and odor control devices. These brands are trusted by growers and in many cases, designed by growers. Here are some of the brands that we carry:

  • Active Air: In addition to carbon filters, Active Air carries a wide variety of different ventilation products to help you with your growing environment.
  • Atmosphere: These carbon filters can remove up to 99.5% of volatile organic compounds from the air.
  • Can-Lite Filters: These carbon filters work extremely well to remove most organic compounds from the air.
  • Durabreeze: Durabreeze is one of the most trusted carbon filter manufacturers in the space, in addition to other ventilation products.
  • Ona: This is a Canadian company that has been in business since 1995 and is solely focused on the manufacture of odor-neutralizing products.

Working With GrowGeneration Can Help You Control Odor In Your Growing Environment

GrowGeneration is one of the leading providers of odor control products for growing professionals. We understand that each growing situation is unique and we have tried to provide a versatile array of solutions for growers. Shop online today to find the ideal odor control solution for your growing environment or visit one of our physical retail stores throughout the country.