Apply to Win the NEXTGEN Micro-Cultivation Competition in New Jersey

Regulations in New Jersey seek to create a framework to regulate cannabis in a manner that promotes social equity and economic development. GrowGeneration has partnered with Harvest 360 on a commitment to deliver education, support and financing to the diverse population of entrepreneurs who are inspired to participate in the New Jersey Micro-Cultivation Cannabis Industry.

The NEXTGEN Micro Cultivation competition will begin with a grant of up to $500,000 to provide full scholarships for 25 Start-up Micro-Cultivation teams. GrowGeneration will provide the scholarships to the program, access to equipment packages and market resources. Winners receive scholarships to the NextGen Micro-Cultivation accelerator program.

All contestants will receive access to an online cultivation portal with valuable resources to assist in the preparation of an application and best practices guidelines for the New Jersey program.

Hundreds of Micro-Cultivation applicants will compete for 25 finalist spots to win one of the 5 Grand Prizes in the NEXTGEN contest.

Benefits include:

  • Equitable educational/economic opportunities
  • Micro-Cultivation Licensing guidance
  • Positive spotlight on communities

The top 5 Grand Prize winners will qualify for a complete solution for their micro-cultivation facility. They will also receive a comprehensive package that will ensure access to the tools and resources required to be successful, including financing and mentoring.

Benefits include:

  • Professional facility design
  • Reduced financial risks
  • Future business planning
  • Support and networking

How to Apply

Just fill in the online application and tell us why you believe that you or your organization deserve to be one the teams selected for one of these valuable prizes.