Grodan Improved Gro-Slab (36x6x3 w/ 3-10x10 pre-cut holes) - Bag

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Grodan PARGRO Slab (36x6x3 W/ 3-10x10 Pre-Cut Holes) - Bag
Discover the excellence of Grodan Improved Pre-Cut Gro-Slabs, meticulously designed for those who prioritize quality and efficiency in cultivation. Not just a growth medium, these Gro-Slabs are a testament to Grodan's dedication to innovation and precision in horticulture.

Exceptional Features of the Grodan Improved Pre-Cut Gro-Slabs:

Versatile Cultivation: Tailored for both novices and experts, these slabs cater to diverse cultivation needs. Witness accelerated growth, consistent stem development, and early plant setting.

Advanced Wetting Agent: A standout feature, the Advanced Wetting Agent ensures uniform water content and electrical conductivity distribution throughout the slab, making it perfect for steering your crop using varying irrigation strategies.

Uniform Growth Cycle: With fast rooting and vigorous growth, these slabs ensure robust health, resilience, and high yields for your plants throughout their lifecycle.
Dynamic Product Features: From multi-plant options, and vertical fiber orientation, to hydrophilic fiber technology, the Gro-Slabs offer a myriad of benefits, ensuring that you have the best tools at your disposal for successful cultivation.

Sustainable Water and Nutrient Use: Stone wool fibers neither bind nutrients nor require initial flushing, ensuring targeted and sustainable water and fertilizer use. Paired with precision tools like GroSens and e-Gro, these slabs enable precise crop steering for optimal yields.

Steerability: The even distribution of WC and EC ensures that growers can control and steer plant growth throughout its life cycle with utmost precision.

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