Drip Hydro Powder D - 5lbs

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  • Highly soluble micronutrient source 
  • Formulated for use throughout the vegetative and flowering phase for any fruit or flower producing plants. 
  • Dilution: 0.12-0.25 g (0.004-0.009 oz) per 4 L (1 gallon) of water

Provides plants with a complete micronutrient package, including chelated Zinc, chelated Iron, chelated Manganese, chelated Copper, as well as Boron and Molybdate. 

Boron helps in the formation and strength of cell walls. 

Copper aids in improving plant growth and nutrient uptake, as well as enhancing the flavor and quality of flowers. It also helps plants utilize iron efficiently. 

Iron is essential for the absorption of nitrogen and helps with chlorophyll development. It also helps the plant move oxygen throughout its roots and leaves. 

Manganese plays a vital role in the biosynthesis of fatty acids and also helps activate carbohydrate metabolism enzymes. 

Molybdenum helps plants convert nitrate into amino acids and helps the plant absorb phosphorus and potassium. When nitrogen enters the plant, the enzymes help convert that into nitrate, which is the plant's usable form of nitrogen. 

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