Drip Hydro Powder A - 25lbs

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  • Highly soluble nitrogen and calcium source
  • Formulated for use throughout the vegetative phase, and Weeks 1-7, depending on duration, of the flowering phase for any fruit or flower producing plants.
  • Dilution: ?2-4 g (0.071-0.141 oz) per 4 L (1 gallon) of water

Provides nitrogen and calcium during all phases of growth. ?

Nitrogen is vital for plant growth, reproduction, and photosynthesis, while calcium is used to strengthen cell walls and participate in the translocation of carbohydrates and enzymes within the plant.?

Through rigorous testing, we chose our calcium nitrate source to ensure you a consistent, clean, and water-soluble final solution.?

Derived from Calcium Nitrate.?

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BrandDrip Hydro
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