Cutting Edge Solutions Louder Powder Bloom A 25lb

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Louder Powder™ is a fertilizer formulation that includes essential macro and micronutrients for every stage of plant growth.

Louder Powder™ is proudly blended with the finest premium inputs at our own facility. Cutting Edge Solutions (CES) products are produced in strict compliance using proprietary formulation. CES prides itself in creating unique products that our customers can depend on.

Louder Powder™ has been developed for commercial applications in all growing media from traditional soil to soilless hydroponic operations.

Directions for Use:

For reservoir feeding: Louder Powder™ is designed to be used together in water with equal parts A and B in a reservoir. The mixture rate, per gallon of water, is 4.54 grams of Bloom A and 4.54 grams of Bloom B. Add Bloom A first and let the powder thoroughly dissolve before adding the Bloom B. 

For dosing systems: Louder Powder™ is highly concentrated for doser injection systems, and requires separate A and B stock tanks. The mixture rate is 1 pound of Louder Powder™ A to 1 gallon of RO water in stock tank 1, and 1 pound of Louder Powder™ B to 1 gallon of RO water in stock tank 2. The dosing ratio should be set to 1:100 for both injection sites.  Stir until the powder dissolves (for best results repeat after a 30 minute settling period.) It is very important to always use separate stock tanks, with stock tank A being in line before stock tank B.

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