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The Hydroponic cultivation technique was born in the early 1930s when Dr. William F. Gericke began to conduct experiments on plant nutrition in his University of California laboratory. Today, almost a hundred years after this invention, hydroponic systems have been developed to be much more efficient and streamlined. 

Here at GrowGeneration, we know how beneficial for the environment, cultivators, and consumers these systems are - that is why we stock an ever-expanding range of hydroponic grow systems, hydroponic kits, and all hydroponic supplies you need for your project, including water chillers, pumps, and irrigation tools. Here is all you need to know to select the best hydroponic kits. 

Hydroponic Systems: What You Need To Know

Hydroponics is defined as a technique for cultivating plants without using soil. When using this technique, the plant, flowers, vegetables, or herbs grow thanks to nutrient-rich solutions, water, oxygen, and light. Today, this cultivation technique is particularly appreciated because it allows growers to grow more plants indoors with less water and energy, less space, and without pesticides. 

Types of Hydroponic Kits

There are different hydroponic kits you can use to grow your plants. These include:

- Basic wick - this hydroponic kit does not need any complicated pumps or energy and is the easiest, most basic system. It is perfect for beginners and small-scale growers. This system utilizes a wick to transfer nutrients from a growing solution to the plant.

- Deep Water Culture (DWC) - this hydroponic system requires placing the plants on a styrofoam or plastic platform. A hydroponic water pump will then provide oxygen to the plants' roots. While you won’t need a substrate for this method, you will need to arrange a water reservoir.

- Drip System - this system, also known as Top Feed, is more complex than those seen above and perfect for medium-scale projects. The nutrient-rich solution is delivered to the plant through a mechanical, timed-controlled pump. Drip systems can be either circulating or recirculating and require a number of supplies, including hydroponic water pumps and hydroponic water chillers.

- Flood and Drain - this hydroponic kit, also known as the Ebb-and-Flow system, is highly efficient and versatile. While setting this system up will require some supplies, you will only need to flood the plants regularly. Gravity will then drain the water, which will be collected and recirculated through the system. 

- Nutrient Film Technique (NFT) - this technique is more common in Europe, it is self-contained, and requires a few supplies, such as a water reservoir, water irrigation supplies, and tubing. 

Hydroponic Kits: The Supplies You Need

Depending on your growth style, hydroponic kit of choice, and the size of your indoor growing space, you will need a range of supplies to make your hydroponic system more efficient and successful. In the sections below, you can find professional tips to buy hydroponic water chillers, hydroponic irrigation supplies, and hydroponic water pumps. 

Top tip: 

If you are looking to set up a medium-to-large scale hydroponic system, you will need to invest in suitable plant trays such as the Fast Fit Tray Stand 4x8. This kind of tray allows you to maximize your indoor growing space and make your hydroponic kit of choice more efficient and streamlined. You can find the Fast Fit Tray Stand 4x8 on the GrowGeneration website, alongside a growing collection of growing trays and stands. Find the most suitable option for your needs today. 

The Best Hydroponic Water Chillers

Growing plants through the hydroponic technique means that you won’t have to use soil - and in some cases, you won’t require a substrate either. Because the plants only use a combination of water, a nutrient-rich solution, light, and oxygen to grow, each of these ingredients needs to be supplied at the right time and in the right quantity. 

Hydroponic water chillers are connected to the hydroponic water pump and prevent the temperature of the water in the reservoir from rising above suitable levels. In turn, these products are essential to promote and speed up your plants’ growth because lower water temperatures equal higher oxygen intake and faster growth rates.

- The GrowGeneration choice - the best hydroponic water chiller for you will depend on the scale of your project and size of your reservoirs. If you don’t require a commercial-grade, large-scale chiller, the EcoPlus 1/4 HP Chiller is perfect for most growing conditions.

Choosing Hydroponic Irrigation Supplies

Not all hydroponic systems will require hydroponic irrigation supplies. As seen above, you can get started with the basic wick kit that only requires containers and a wick - but no mechanical parts. However, for more efficient hydroponic cultivations and larger-scale systems, you will need a series of irrigation supplies, including:

- Tubing

- Spigots

- Connectors

- Drip stakes

- Hoses

- Drain screens

- Pressure compensating emitters 

You can find the entire hydroponic irrigation supplies collection here. Remember that the type of hydroponic irrigation supplies you need depends on the hydroponic system in place. If you are just getting started, you don't need much aside from a pump and tubing. But, when your cultivation starts to expand, make sure you invest in the right irrigation system that allows your plants to grow healthily and fast. 

Finding the Best Hydroponic Water Pumps

Hydroponic water pumps are submersible pumps that can be fully immersed in the water reservoir. Once in place, these pumps have the role of regulating the water flow through the system. Whether you are using a Top Drip hydroponic system or a Flood and Drain system, a water pump is a must in your hydroponic irrigation supplies arsenal. 

When timed-regulated, these pumps can manage the whole system and the distribution of water and oxygen across the whole cultivation - it is not difficult to see why it is important to invest in high-quality pumps!

Additionally, hydroponic water pumps often come with a filtering system that purifies the water and promotes the recirculation of oxygenated, clean solutions. 

- The GrowGeneration choice - with over 250 models of hydroponic water pumps, Growgeneration offers plenty of choices for all cultivators. But if you are looking for an efficient model to get started, try the Active Aqua Submersible Water Pump, 550 GPH.

Consult Hydroponic Kits Experts at GrowGeneration

At GrowGeneration, we are proud to be the largest hydroponics supplier in the country, offering over 60 retail stores and 10,000 hydroponic kits and hydroponic irrigation supplies. 

Whether you are after a more efficient water pump or you are looking for a growing tray to extend your cultivation, GrowGeneration is ready to ship your order to your doorstep. 

If you are unsure about the hydroponic kits and supplies you need, our experts are at your disposal to answer any questions. 

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