Best Harvesting Machines & Supplies

Trimming, pruning, and harvesting are core aspects of your hydroponics cultivation. These steps are also essential to help your plants, herbs, and vegetables grow and develop healthily. 

In fact, pruning and trimming your plants enhances airflow and light penetration, which can help you prevent issues and maintain your plants healthy and strong. When your hydroponic projects begin to grow and expand, caring for your plants by hand might no longer be a solution - especially if you need to release a large harvest to the market within days. That is where trimming, harvesting, and drying machines can help you automate and streamline the whole process. 

At GrowGeneration, we have multi-decade experience in caring for any hydroponic farms from batch-style workflows to larger commercial projects. 

That is why within our collection, you can find over 220 state-of-the-art harvesting machines and supplies to choose from, including models from prestigious names, such as Twister Trimmers and Centurion Trimmers. Learn more about choosing the best harvest machine for your needs below. 

Harvest Machines: All You Need To Know

Since their invention during the early 1930s, hydroponic systems, techniques, and tools have come a long way. And, thanks to today’s technology, cultivators can streamline, automate, and refine their hydroponic kits, no matter whether these are at-home projects or commercial endeavors. 

Harvest and trimming machines play a vital role in helping cultivators expand their reach and create even more efficient hydroponic systems. Nonetheless, selecting the right harvest machine for your needs and goals can be challenging - especially because the wrong machine can be damaging for your harvest! Here are just a few tips to get started in your choice, but don’t hesitate to consult an expert at GrowGeneration for more specific indications. 

- Look for both wet and dry trimming capabilities - while dry trimming is a more efficient choice, sometimes you will need to opt for wet trimming, especially if you have a large harvest that needs to be collected in a matter of days or if you are worried about common hydroponic issues such as mold. 

- Precision - trimming and harvesting machines can be extremely detrimental for the plant if they are not precise enough to trim flowers or buds without affecting the integrity of the plant and its property. Hand-trimming will always be more precise, but some machines can yield impressive results. 

- Safety features - it is important that your trimming or harvest machines are safe and efficient. Some of the common features to look out for include alternative tumblers for an uninterrupted harvesting motion and automatic shut-downs if something goes wrong. 

- Efficiency - harvesting and trimming machines are particularly suitable for medium and large-scale operations that require automation. If you are compromising precision for efficiency, you should ensure that your harvesting machine will deliver. Some indicators you could use when choosing your machine include:

- Cuts per minutes

- Amount of wet product processed per hour

- Amount of dry product processed per hour

- Portability 

- Assembly process

- Adjustable 

Make sure the trimmer or harvest machine you buy is within your budget - but don’t forget that automating the process will yield a return on investment in lower waste and higher efficiency, productivity, and sales. 

Choosing the Best Trimming Machines

Trimming machines are necessary for medium and large-scale projects. Without them, you might miss out on the prime time of your plants and risk wasting produce. Additionally, failing to trim and prune your plants can promote the spread of diseases and mold, prevent airflow, and inhibit the plant's growth. 

At the same time, using precision shears is the best way to maintain all of the properties of the plant intact - and prevent damages to the plant that might be caused by machine-trimmed flowers, herbs, buds, or vegetables. 

That is why understanding what machines to trust with your harvest and what supplies you need for the best results is essential.

The Drying Supplies You Need

Wet trimming after harvest is one of the favorite options for large-scale cultivators. This is because, thanks to this technique, the buds can continue growing to the last minute, which makes them more visually appealing. 

Additionally, this technique has many advantages, including being faster, more efficient, and suitable for larger crops. At the same time, wet trimming can be messy and labor-intensive - and it requires you to have a dedicated area for drying the trimmings. 

That is why cultivators often resort to dry trimming or invest in high-quality drying supplies including multi-level racks. Ensure that you have the right tools to regulate the level of humidity in the environment and provide the necessary airflow. 

Trimming Supplies & Accessories

You can find a whole collection of trimming supplies and driving tools here -  but don’t forget that you will need at least:

- Trimming shears

- Trimmer lubricant

- Deburring tools

- A portable trim station

- Hand-held trimmers

- Scissor sharpeners

The GrowGeneration Choice

At the GrowGeneration, we know that each hydroponic farm is unique - and so should be the system chosen for harvesting, trimming, and drying. However, if you are expanding your business and looking for a high-quality, reliable trimming tool, look no further than the innovative Twister Batch One Trimmer. Perfect for both large and medium projects, the Twister Batch One Trimmer boasts several unique functionalities, including:

- High-quality trim

- Uninterrupted trimming

- Highly portable and easy to maneuver

- Extremely easy to assemble

- Ultrafine saddle adjustments

- ¼ HP motor that provides a streamlined experience and prevents stalling

The Twister Batch One Trimmer is only one of the models in the GrowGeneration collection, but it is undoubtedly making a difference for all types of hydroponic farms - especially those looking to increase crop quality and yield. 

Discover More Harvest Machines At GrowGeneration

Offering a whopping collection of over 10,000 products, operating across 60 retail stores, and providing a streamlined delivery service across the country, GrowGeneration is one of the largest harvesting and trimming machine suppliers in the US. 

Within our collection, you can find all the harvesting, trimming, and drying supplies you need for your cultivation and workflow style. 

If you have doubts about the best harvest machines and supplies for your needs, don’t hesitate to consult one of the Grow Generation experts today by calling (080) 935 8420 or sending an email at

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