Best Growing Media & Containers

Our Growing Media and containers category includes items like soil, drainage media, pots, and containers. Many of our top sellers include items like potting soil, growing cubes, and plugs. Each grow room situation is unique and you will find all the supplies that you need from GrowGeneration. All of our products can be purchased on our online store or at one of our physical locations.

What Is Growing Media? 

Growing media is any medium that your plants are growing in. It could be soil, rockwool, hydroton, or coco.

For seedlings or clones, plugs, cubes, or a seed-starting soil mix will help you get your plant started out right. We also carry a wide variety of soils, soilless mixtures, and drainage media that you might find necessary for your commercial growing situation. 

If you are growing hydroponically, GrowGeneration has you covered. We offer a wide variety of growing media that includes rockwool, expanded clay pebbles, coco, and more to help you with your grow room. 

Recommended Choices for Soil

GrowGeneration carries a wide variety of soil for your growing needs. One of the more popular blends offered is FoxFarm’s Ocean Forest® soil. This is made from aged forest products, peat moss, worm castings, bat guano, fish emulsion, and crab products. This soil has a light texture and is great for starting any type of plant. Ocean Forest® is a very lightweight potting soil, so it will drain better than other soils that are available on the market. 

You can also supplement your FoxFarm soil products, like Ocean Forest® with different fertilizers depending upon your growing needs.  

Here are some basic considerations for choosing your potting soil:

1. Make sure that the potting soil that you choose is light and fluffy for better aeration. 

2. If you want to have more control over your nutrients, consider using a lightly amended potting soil or soilless mix. 

3. If you want to let the soil do the work for you, then go with a more heavily amended soil like Ocean Forest or Roots Organics Original Formula.  

Recommended Choices For Starting Plants

If you are going to be starting a plant from seeds or root cuttings, the most common options would be rockwool cubes or peat plugs. When the roots have grown sufficiently, they are going to be able to be transplanted into larger growing media. Grodan plugs are known for excellent strength and shape. They tend to get growers optimum germination and uniform results with their seedlings. Additionally, these plugs help growers, year over year, end up with a crop that can be successfully transplanted, the next stage in the growing cycle. 

Rockwool is a highly beneficial material for starting plants from seeds or root cuttings. Not only is rockwool microbe immune, it also has very good air and water retention. This is very good for young plants because it protects them from dehydration and gives plants continuous available oxygen for growing. 


Don’t need pots because it is self-sustaining for hydroponic growing.


Cloth pots or plastic pots

Recommended Choices for Soil Amendments

Simply put, soil amendments make growing your plants easier. GrowGeneration carries a wide variety of amendments to help your plant roots penetrate the surrounding soil and that they can better absorb water. Earthworm castings are a popular type of soil amendment. Not only do they improve water retention, but they help prevent erosion and compaction of the soil. Additionally, they can help extract toxins, fungus, bacteria, and certain heavy metals in certain situations. Here are some tips that we recommend for when you are considering soil amendments: 

Look at the ingredients that are in your potting soil. FoxFarm’s Ocean Forest® soil already has several of the ingredients, like bat guano, that you would add later as a soil amendment.
Know the composition of your soil, in terms of pH and nitrogen. This will let you know what you need to add to your mix.
Some people recommend testing your soil annually to make sure that you have the most up to date information when you decide to purchase amendments.

Working With GrowGeneration For Your Growing Media Needs

GrowGeneration is your trusted partner for growing media. We carry everything from topsoil to growing containers. Some of our more popular products include Ocean Forest® soil, Hugo Gro-Blocks, Grodan A-OK plugs, and the Char Coir Coco Cube. All of our products are available online or you can visit one of our physical retail stores to see available inventories. 

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